by freelancer artist Denis Tenev
Welcome to my official website. Here, you can find and see my paintings and digital art, graphic and web designs, fonts, animations,typographic quotes, portraits, hand made products from my art works...
Also, as wallpaper, you can download some of my art for free...and of course, if you like my work you can support me by like, share or with donation.
Furthermore you will find useful lectures (my School) about art, graphic design etc.
Also, you can encourage and motivate yourself with my artistic thoughts on my Blog, where you will find frecfently prepared motivated and thoughtful texts (with animated version) about life with which i would like to inspire positive thoughts to you. Enjoy and take a piece of my HeArt!
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About me

Artworks with passion
Artworks with passion

From my earliest days of youth I dedicated my life to creating art and I want to share it with you. In my artwork you can find pieces in classical painting technique (oil or acrylic on canvas), drawings, digital works, photos, graphic or web design, animations.You can order every piece of my work as a reproduction, or, if it’s a classic painting, buy it as an original. Reproductions are printed with HQ pigmented ink technology and you can order them on handmade paper or on canvas. Also, for any artwork you can purchase a license for your personal use or for your business. If you like some of my work you can freely download it as a wallpaper for your personal use. In the graphic and web design framework, you can look at an example of what I have been doing over the years, but you can also order a design and implementation (Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator ... etc) with complete preparation for printing (if is a graphic design) or a dynamic web design ready to implement on your website.
Of course, let me not forget about the option of creating your own font (according to your need or according to your handwriting) or modifying the font you most often use. Modifications can be of any kind, but I would emphasize the possibility of creating subfamily styles (light, condensed, black etc ...) versions of an already existing font.
Of course, here are my products made on the basis of my fine works. Keep in mind that I do not have mass production and all these products are handmade. That's why they’re in a limited edition.
My Mission
It's not easy to be an artist, but it's even harder not to be

I dedicated my whole life to art. All my strengths, education, habits, and everything else I put into the function of that goal: to be an artist! Why? Because since childhood, I have believed that I was called for it. And I followed that call, but the steps were not always easy. Ah, there were wonderful moments. But that sublimate of my experiences made me stronger and more resolute: TO NEVER GIVE UP!
People say that we artists live in our own world. Hmm ... it's probably so, but that does not mean that the artist is not from this world, right? The artist has always been an inseparable part of society. Here we are, around you. Perhaps you do not observe many artists, as you see our art work. And we live and exist for that ... for our deeds. Like children, we rejoice at your every attention, sympathy or approval of what we create. If we stop here it will sound very selfish on my part ... yes, as an artist I love your attention, amazement and approval ... BUT ... do you know the impact of art in society? Yes, the artist's work can encourage, stimulate, arrange, make you think, change your view of the world, realize that everything is not gray and that life is colorful! From an artist you will learn that in everything there is a harmony that we so often disperse with our actions ... You will learn that however much it looks different, life is still beautiful. From an artist you will easily conclude that there is courage in you to complete the start, and it seems discouraged.
Yes, it is my mission ... For you to see the world through different eyes. But not just that. In all of my past steps in my life, I learned that art is not only in painting, sculpture, music, architecture etc ... it is in every one of us. Yes, I believe in the Art of Life!
Therefore, with my artwork, but also with my thinking and life experience, I want to motivate you!

I hope to succeed!
Denis Tenev
email: denis@tenevart.at
Phone: +43 678 1262956
Adress: Vorgartenstrasse 129-143/3/8 - 1020 Wien, Österreich
Find me
You can easily find me if you're in Vienna, the most beautiful city in Europe. I'm stationed almost every day in the cult art café Hawelka.
Read more about the history of café Hawelka.

Come to Hawelka. Here you can get a grasp of Vienna's history, try the tastiest coffees, sweets...and of course, meet me and take a look some of my art.
You are Welcome